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Notice Of A Director's (Including A Director Who Is A Substantial Shareholder) Interest And Change In Interest

BackNov 12, 2010
Part I
1. Date of notice to issuer 09/11/2010
2. Name of Director CHEW CHOON TEE
3. Notice Type Notice of a Director's (including a director who is a substantial shareholder) Interest and Change in Interest.
Part II
1. Date of change of Deemed Interest 08/11/2010
2. Name of Registered Holder LIAU BIN BIN
3. Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest Open Market Purchase
4. Information relating to shares held in the name of the Registered Holder
No. of Shares held before the change 264,296
As a percentage of issued share capital 0.20 %
No. of Shares which are subject of this notice 10,000
As a percentage of issued share capital 0.01 %
Amount of consideration (excluding brokerage and stamp duties) per share paid or received 0.21
No. of Shares held after the change 274,296
As a percentage of issued share capital 0.21 %
Part III - Not Required
Part IV
1. Holdings of Director, including direct and deemed interest :
  Direct Deemed
No. of shares held before the change 45,341,316 264,296
As a percentage of issued share capital 34.01 % 0.20 %
No. of shares held after the change 45,341,316 274,296
As a percentage of issued share capital 34.01 % 0.21 %
Footnotes The percentages are computed based on 133,300,000 issued shares as at 8 November 2010. Mr Chew Choon Tee is deemed to have an interest in the 274,296 shares held in the name of his spouse, Mdm Liau Bin Bin, by virtue of Section 7 of the Companies Act, Cap 50.

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