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At as 8 March 2017


Distribution Of Shareholders By Size Of Shareholdings As At 8 March 2017


Twenty Largest Shareholders As At 8 March 2017


Substantial Shareholders As At 8 March 2017



  1. Chew Choon Tee is deemed to have an interest in the 444,296 shares held in the name of his spouse, Liau Bin Bin, by virtue of Section 7 of the Companies Act Cap. 50.

  2. 9,330,000 shares of Chew Choon Tee are held through nominees.

  3. 10,000,000 shares of Tan Bock Chia are held through nominees.

  4. 39,976,670 shares of Chori Co. Ltd are held under the custodian account of Chori Co., Ltd. maintained with Citibank Nominees Singapore Pte. Ltd.

  5. Deemed interest arising from 39,976,670 shares held by Chori Co., Ltd. Toray Industries, Inc owns 51.25% of the issued share capital of Chori Co., Ltd.

Percentage Of Shareholdings In Public Hands

16.15 % of the Company issued paid-up capital is held in the hands of public. Accordingly, the Company had complied with Rule 723 of the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.