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We distribute specialty chemicals to industrial customers. Majority of our customers are formulators who buy our specialty chemicals as part of their intermediate manufacturing or processing requirements. The rest of our customers are applicators or end-users, stockists and resellers.

Our extensive network in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Middle-east, Australia and the UK enables us to serve our customers globally. Our direct presence in these markets offers a premium service level and minimized operating cost for our customers. Our integrated network also allows for cross-border exchange of market information and enables us to connect our suppliers to their desired markets.

We distribute and sell over 1500 different types and grades of specialty chemicals to more than 2,000 companies in diverse industries, including polymerisation, paint and ink coatings, adhesives, construction, electronics, rubber and plastics, photographic, food and beverage as well as flavour and fragrance, construction, pharmaceutical, industrial cleaning, metal finishing, water treatment, personal care, oil and gas.

The spread of customers across these industries provide us with a level of diversification which helps to offset market volatility in any one of these industries.