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Our strategy is centered around developing 5 main pillars of growth :

  1. Increasing our Geographic Coverage
    The Group pursues a strategy of building and strengthening relationships with our global customer base. This entails having a network that is able to service our large base of MNC customers around the world. In line with this strategy, we have established an extensive distribution network in key major markets globally. In particular we have strong presence in Asia where there is rapid growth in demand in chemicals. We will continue this growth strategy by exploring other emerging markets so that our market presence will be further intensified.

  2. Enhance our Product Offerings
    We have secured several distribution rights from major chemical producers and will continue to enhance our product offerings by constantly seeking new products that will increase value to our customers in terms of quality and providing solutions.

  3. Widen our Industry Coverage
    We had increased our diversification in terms of industry coverage in some of the markets that we cover and will continue to extend this approach to other markets in which we operate. This diversification strategy will further increase the resilience of the business.

  4. Increase higher value services through custom blending and manufacturing
    Our contract manufacturing business enables us to offer a full suite of services and positions us as a one-stop integrated solutions provider. This business has been growing at a healthy pace which led us to expand our production further to capture market share and to capitalize on the growing demand for such outsourcing services.

  5. Seek Strategic Alliances
    To accelerate growth, the Group will continue to seek strategic alliances and acquisitions in related businesses that are able to provide a strategic fit.